Where are you located?
I work in a private studio located in unceded Coast Salish Territory "Vancouver", Canada.

How do I book an appointment?
Through these links:

Through this site you can pick out flash & select a date and time for your appointment yourself.


This is an booking form to propose your idea. Does not guarantee an appointme


What is your hourly rate?
$200 hourly. ($400 appointment minimum.)

Flash is priced per design. Factors in price include time, size and placement.

Do you take a deposit?
Once we have agreed on the design, budget and appointment date:

  • A minimum $100 is required to book and hold an appointment date

  • The deposit will go towards your total tattoo cost.

  • If your tattoo requires multiple sessions, it will be taken off the total of our last session.

  • Larger / more intensive designs will require larger deposits.

  • Deposits are not a payments for a tattoo design/sketch.

  • Deposits will be carried over one (1) reschedule. (48 hours notice is required.)

  • Deposits will be forfeited in the case of a cancellation or no-shows. No exceptions.

Can I have another tattoo artist tattoo one of your designs on me?
Short answer: No.
Long answer: This is not common practice in tattooing, as artists are identified by their designs. If another artist were to do another artists work, it would misrepresent the original artists work.


What should I do to prepare for the tattoo:
Basically, make sure you and your clothes are clean. Arrive well fed, hydrated and rested.
More detailed instructions are provided before our appointment.


How should I take care of my tattoo:
Click HERE for my personal aftercare instructions!