Custom Tattoo Submission

Please read through the following information carefully
and fill out the submission form as thoughtfully as possible

I do my best take on designs I feel inspired by and believe my skills can complete.

  • Please familiarize yourself with all of my recent work to know what to expect in your design. (ie: work Ive done in the past year)

  • Designs will be shown at the time of the appointment. I do not share designs before the appointment.
    Some designs require both stenciling and freehanding.

  • I can accommodate small changes on the day of the appointment, as it will be your first look at it.

  • Major design (ie: subject matter, composition..) changes must be brought up before our appointment. In the event I need to completely redraw your design, this can result in rescheduling and loss of the deposit. If there's details that you want in the design, please tell me.

  • If you change your mind completely after booking an appointment and would like a different design, that must be discussed and agreed upon before moving forward. Change of design does not guarantee an appointment. This may result in loss of your deposit.

  • Larger scale / more complex designs that may take over 4+ hours, we will break up into multiple sessions.

    When proposing your idea:

  • Please be as concise as possible. I only need to know the details you have in mind for the design.

  • Please include any specific details that you'd like in the design.

  • One idea per submission!

  • I am typically only booking 4 - 5 weeks ahead.

Once we have agreed on the design, budget and appointment date:


  • A minimum $100 deposit is required to book and hold an appointment date.
    The deposit goes towards your total tattoo cost of your tattoo.

  • If your tattoo requires multiple sessions, it will be taken off the total of our last session.

  • Larger / multi-session designs will require larger deposits.

  • Deposits are not a payment for a tattoo design/sketch.

  • Deposits will be carried over ONE (1) reschedule with 48 hours notice provided.
    You may be subject to provide a new deposit in the event less time is provided or you miss your appointment.

  • Deposits will be forfeited in the case of a cancellation, sudden rescheduling, no-shows or a complete design change on the day of the appointment. No exceptions.


  • $200 per hour. + GST(5%)

  • $400 minimum (includes deposit)


    Do not submit this form if:

  • You are talking to other artists regarding this design.

  • Price shopping / trying to get a deal.

  • Can not agree with my terms and policies.



Canadian Residents Only


I am located in a private studio in the Metrotown, Burnaby area.


Below are some protocols & procedures that must be followed.
These will be repeated in the consent form.



  • The morning of your appointment, please do a health assessment. If you feel ANY symptoms of cold or flu, however mild, contact me right way.

  • If you have been in contact with anyone sick within 14 days of our appointment, please reschedule. This includes any clinic visits or hospital visits where you may have been in contact OR anyone you have been around that has been in these environments.

  • If you have traveled / been in contact with anyone that has traveled and are in the quarantining time period, please reschedule.

  • Wear appropriate & clean clothing that allows me access to the area we are tattooing.

  • Showering before your appointment is appreciated. Please refrain from wearing any strong fragrances.

  • No plus-ones / extra visitors / guests

  • Masks are strictly mandatory. If you do not have one, one will be provided to you.

  • If you begin to feel unwell a week after our appointment, please let me know!

If I feel confident in my ability to do your request, you should hear from me within a week.

If I am unable to accommodate, I will still try to respond, but cannot guarantee.
In the chance I'm unable to respond back, thank you in advance for your submission!

Days Available:
Times available:
Thanks for submitting!
I do my best to respond within a week if I am able to accommodate your idea!