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Covid 19 Appointment Protocols

Things a bit different now with the pandemic. New safety protocols are in place and there is more that you, as a client, must be responsible for.

Below are the protocols for the appointment date. I am posting it here so there are no surprised upon filling out a waver form.

Please read through carefully. These will be re-informed on the waver form as well!

- The morning of your appointment, please do a health assessment. If you feel ANY symptoms of cold or flu, tell me the right way. At this time, deposits will not be affected in the case of rescheduling due to illness.

- If you have been in contact with anyone sick, please reschedule. This includes any clinic visits or hospital visits where you may have been in contact OR anyone you have been around that has been in these environments.

- If you have traveled or been in contact with anyone that has traveled within the two weeks prior to our appointment, please reschedule.

- Wear appropriate clothing that allows me access to the area we are tattooing.
  It also gets quite warm in the studio, so dress lightly. Make sure your clothes are clean and freshly laundered.

- No plus ones, extra visitors or guests. (This includes parents and partners.)

- Any food or drink brought must come in a seal-able container. This means no paper containers or cups. Seal-able Tupperware, seal-able coffee cups and water bottles are accepted.

- Currently, getting tattooed is more of an in and out scenario to limit interaction.

- When you arrive, everything that you plan on handling/touching during the appointment (food containers, phone, coffee mug, wallet, etc) will be sprayed down to sanitize. Hence, food or drink containers need to be seal-able. No books allowed for the reason I cannot sanitize them.

- Its preferred that you come with only your essentials, to minimize contamination.

- Enter the building, the suite is on the 14th floor, first door to your right.

- Do not let yourself into the studio. Call me when you are outside the studio room. Arrive no sooner than 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled appointment time.
I will let you in when entry is clear.

- Upon entering the studio, you must immediately sanitize your hands with the provided sanitizer that is on your left as you enter. Please wear a mask, if you do not have one, one will be provided to you - they are available next to the hand sanitizer.

- Stay aware of your surroundings. Do not touch anything unnecessarily and practice physical distancing from any other clients or artists in the studio.

 - If you begin to feel unwell a week after our appointment, please let me know!


You must agree with these rules, as our appointment will not follow through without them.

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